Through a spiritual framework, I provide intuitive guidance and skillful support to people in times of spiritual growth, life change or challenge.
-Elaine Huang, Spiritual Teacher & Owner


Elaine Huang is the spiritual teacher and owner of Embodiment of Freedom, Inc. As a spiritual teacher, Elaine provides spiritually-based intuitive guidance to individuals and leads illuminating meditation intensives for groups. People who seek the services of EOF want true freedom and joyful fulfillment in their lives. They are often searching for spiritual answers and a sustainable sense of peace.

EOF empowers people to embody more freedom through: lessening the unconscious tendency to interpret reality through the lens of the past; increasing the capacity to offer kind attention to all that arises; and by the application of spiritual wisdom to daily life situations. EOF specializes in mentoring people through all phases and stages of spiritual development and awakening.

Elaine offers online and in-person meditation intensives that can encourage spiritual awakening by strengthening awareness of one’s true or divine nature. Included in these intensives are liberating approaches that balance one’s human nature and divine nature. Meditation and other practices are taught that settle fearful tendencies while growing an innate sense of joy, love and peace.

The sincere hope of EOF is that increasing numbers of people feel more ease and joy in their lives, recognize the truth of who they are, and embody more completely the freedom, power and love that is possible for all of us.

EOF specializes in assisting people to recognize their true nature
and applying this truth within everyday life.


Elaine Huang, Spiritual Teacher & Owner

Upon graduating from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in finance, I began a five year management and buying career in retail. During those years, I worked and lived in Houston, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.

My career in the helping profession began in 1992. I have a master’s degree in social work from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Until 1998, I provided counseling for individuals and couples as a psychotherapist. I also offered short-term therapy, and led meditation groups and classes in several corporate settings (AT&T, Bank of America, and Harris Trust and Savings) while in Chicago.

Since 1999, I have provided spiritual support and intuitive guidance as a spiritual teacher in Bozeman, MT. My intuitive abilities strengthened as a result of intensive yoga and meditation practices that began in the late ‘80’s. By incorporating my intuition while assisting people during a session, I am able to uncover core matters quickly. I then work efficiently and skillfully to address troubling topics. Simply said, we are able to take care of a lot of business within one appointment!

My spiritual biography consists of over 30 years of meditation practice including: years of daily sitting practice, retreats, and private mentoring with traditional and contemporary meditation teachers. I have completed a three-month meditation retreat (at home) as well as a silent year-long meditation retreat in 2006 (conducted in various settings). It was in this year that I had a dramatic, transformative experience of recognizing true nature. The integration and deepening (or embodiment process) of that recognition are continuous. During the years of long daily yoga and meditation practices, I also had a life changing kundalini opening in 1994.

All my life, I have been drawn towards God, the Divine, or to the unseen yet pervasive presence of love. The desires to know the Divine and help lighten the suffering in the hearts of others have been central guiding themes in my life. From my personal and professional experience, a person’s spiritual life, regardless of the path, is a vital and foundational part of healing, wholeness, and lasting contentment. I have been tremendously fulfilled and deeply inspired by the people I meet, and in helping them find freedom and happiness in their personal and spiritual journeys.

People who seek my assistance want greater personal and spiritual freedom.
-Elaine Huang, Spiritual Teacher & Owner

Private Sessions

To keep everyone safe during the COVID pandemic all private sessions will only be done over-the-phone or virtually. With my ability to intuitively sense the movements occurring within a person’s internal and external life, I offer clarity and insightful direction during times of growth, transition, or challenge.

Private sessions may also be used to enrich one’s inquiry into the self or facilitate one’s search for ultimate freedom. EOF specializes in assisting people to recognize their true nature and applying this truth within everyday life.

For new clients, a completed intake form is required prior to a private session with EOF’s spiritual teacher, Elaine. Please complete the intake form; it is now fillable from any device. Its receipt is needed at least three days before your scheduled appointment.

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Appointments are available M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm.

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Meditation Intensives

Meditation opportunities with Elaine are available in Bozeman, MT and online.

2 to 4 hour Intensives are designed to promote and nourish the awakening and embodiment process. They contain verbal or experiential pointers towards one’s true nature. These offerings include periods of meditation and instruction on transformative spiritual approaches that can be practiced in daily life. They are also meant to inspire faith and hope within attendees while navigating a range of life situations.

New listings for in-person and on-line meditation offerings will be posted here. You may also receive notifications via email. If interested, please subscribe to the newsletter below.

Elaine is available for private or corporate retreats, and on-site training for any size organization.

Dear Friends,

I look forward to seeing you when it's safer to resume in-person meetings. For now, sessions are available virtually and over the phone.

May you feel safe.
May you feel content.
May you feel strong.
May you live with ease.

With love and gratitude,

Past Intensives:

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Get a glimpse of what Elaine has to offer through her teaching and learn more about Elaine's background and what brought her to the practice of meditation.

In the second recording, Elaine explains the practice of meditation, describes the many benefits it can provide, and dispels some common misperceptions about the practice.

“Spirituality and Addiction” Webinar hosted by Recovery Elevator on 4/6/2020. In this recording, Elaine offers tools that help people easily access the peace that's always here.

Elaine was a guest on “The Good” podcast with Theresa Gabrielle. She talks about the greatest source of peace, impermanence, how to tend to mind chatter, and guides us through a 10 minute meditation at the end. This episode is also available on Apple Podcasts and at

As a Word & Life & Friends guest speaker, Elaine presented “What is Your Role in the Current Global Shift” on 12/8/20. In this inspiring talk, Elaine highlights important ways that people on the spiritual path can powerfully contribute to the current global shift.


In Distinctly Montana Magazine’s article “Searching for Mindfulness in Montana” Joseph Shelton interviews Elaine about her favorite topic...meditation.

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